Painting Movement with Mariaa Randall for Kids

This two-day workshop in an inspiring exploration of human movement for kids aged 6-13. Renowned dancer and choreographer Mariaa Randall brings big themes to the small stage, breathing life into city landscapes through art.

The first day of the workshop is dedicated to working with the young artists, as they create and rehearse their own choreography using lines and curves inspired by cityscapes. On Day two, parents and friends will be invited to watch a giant collaborative artwork as movement and paint are coupled together in a performance that materialises before their eyes.

Part One| Fri, 3 Nov @ 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Kids, Part Two | Sat, 4 Nov @ 12:30pm – 2:30pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Painting Movement with Mariaa Randall  for Adults

Dancer and choreographer Mariaa Randall invites you to take part in one of her spectacular performance art collaborations. Sharing the stage with the public, Mariaa will also share her years of experience, guiding participants on a journey through dance and visual art, a journey inspired by the shifting shapes of the cityscape. Drawing on these familiar lines and curves, the performance will materialise as movement and paint come to life in an unforgettable piece of performance art. Great fun for all skill levels, and a rare opportunity for guided self-expression and self-exploration with one of Australia’s great contemporary artists.

Adults | Sun, 5 Nov @ 1pm – 3pm, Queens Theatre

Aboriginal Art with Carly Dodd

Carly Dodd and the Carclew team up for this engaging and creative workshop. A young Ngarrindjeri, Narungga and Kaurna artist, Carly’s vast knowledge of contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art comes from a deep passion and love for her people and her work. As you learn to paint your own stone using the styles that Carly teaches, she will contextualise the designs with their cultural importance.

Sat, 4 Nov @ 1pm – 6pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Jewellery and Weaving with Chantal Henley

Ever picked up a hand-made piece of jewellery and marvelled at the craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail?

In this exciting workshop Chantal Henley teaches the process that goes into weaving and crafting these beautiful items. A Quandamooka women, she’ll pass on her very own style of weaving and jewellery making as you craft a one of a kind item that will remind you of the Spirit Festival for years to come.

Sat, 4 Nov @ 12pm – 2pm & 4pm – 6pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Hip Hop with Rita Pryce

Torres Strait Islander dancer and artist Rita Pryce will teach a Hip Hop workshop.

Sat, 4 Nov @ 2.30pm – 3.30pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

TSI Weaving with Rita Pryce

Torres Strait Islander dancer and artist Rita Pryce will lead you in a weaving workshop to create your own piece of TSI inspired weaving.

Sat, 4 Nov @ 4pm – 5pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Face Painting by Joelene Walker

Sat, 4 Nov @ 1pm – 6pm, Wauwi (Light Square)

Indigenous Food with James Tylor

Everywhere you go you hear about ‘slow food,’ ‘organic,’ ‘single origin,’ ‘hand-picked,’ and countless other dining trends. Of course we all want to eat local and source fresh, common sense tells us that it must be better. But how local do we really eat?

In this workshop, artist James Tylor introduces you to Adelaide’s real local dining. You’ll learn about the many species of edible plants that are indigenous to the Adelaide area, as well as how to identify, collect, and prepare them. This immersive experience of taste and touch will change the way you look at the world around you.

Sun, 5 Nov @ 12pm – 1pm, Queens Theatre

Clapstick making with Allan Sumner

In this hands-on workshop, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and visual artist Allan Sumner guides you through the process of carving traditional clap-sticks. A proud Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Yunkanytjatjara man, Allan will discuss the ceremonial importance and purpose of clap-sticks in a session that will be inspiring, eye-opening and just plain fun.

Sun, 5 Nov @ 3pm – 4pm, Queens Theatre

Parndu with James Tylor

Stretch those hamstrings and join artist James Tylor in this special sports clinic as you learn one of the oldest football codes around.

It would probably surprise most Australians that the final weekend in September might not be the same if weren’t for Parndo. A traditional game of the Kaurna people, Parndo is thought to have influenced contemporary Aussie Rules Footy. Learn more from James as you try your hand, or foot, at this unique Aboriginal game.

Fun for everyone and a conversation starter for years to come!

Sun, 5 Nov @ 4pm – 5pm, Queens Theatre

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