Ukulele Workshop with the Uke-Ladys

Saturday 10 November
1.30pm & 5pm

Wauwi (Light Square), Adelaide

There’s something for everyone at this genuinely delightful workshop as Uke-Ladys Tara Carragher (Tara’s Guitars) and Nancy Bates join musical forces, sharing their love of the ukulele, and their philosophy of playing joyfully. Learn the basics of playing, and the mastery of having fun, as the Uke-Ladys reveal what Ukuleles are really about. You’ll even walk away with a free song book of your own.

The one hour FREE workshop is for beginners of all ages, with ALL INSTRUMENTS SUPPLIED. But if you’ve got your own little four-string lying around, you can guarantee this will be the perfect crowd to show it off too.

Kaurna Games with James Tylor

Saturday 10 November
2pm – 5pm
Wauwi (Light Square), Adelaide

In this interactive workshop Kaurna artist James Tylor will teach you to play Kaurna games Parndo (the antecedent to Aussie Rules), Kardi Wapa (Emu Feather), and Battendi (Spear Throwing).

After the specialist sports clinic, James invites you to sit down and make your own Parndo ball, handcrafted from kangaroo skin. Once complete, you’ll get to take this special piece of Australian sporting history with you. Just wait until your next dob of the footy with your mates!

Jewellery & Weaving with Chantal Henley


Saturday 10 November
1pm – 4pm
Wauwi (Light Square), Adelaide


Ever picked up a hand-made piece of jewellery and marvelled at the craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail?

In this exciting workshop Chantal Henley teaches the process that goes into weaving and crafting these beautiful items. A Quandamooka women, she’ll pass on her very own style of weaving and jewellery making as you craft a one of a kind item that will remind you of the Spirit Festival for years to come.


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