Saturday 4 Nov

12pm – 2:30pm

Wauwi (Light Square), Adelaide

Free Event

This year marks the 25 th  Anniversary of the Mabo Decision — the ground-breaking moment when Native Title was embedded into Australian law.

In honour of Eddie Koiki Mabo, MABO in Spirit Festival presents a special program of dance and music that celebrates the 25 th Anniversary of the Mabo Decision. Featuring wonderful and exciting performances from Getano Bann, Keriba Sagul, Monwell Levi, as well as many other musicians and dancers from Torres Strait Islander communities, this promises to be a wonderful coming together to remember this monumental moment in our history.

12:10pm |Monwell Levi

Monwell Taukie Levi aka BalaMon was born in Townsville (QLD) of Torres Strait Islander descent. A member of both the R&B Trio V3 the Stickleback Rats Monwell has been performing original music across Australia.

12.50pm| Andrew Nemok

1.20pm| Baiwa Kazil Performance

Baiwa Kazil is a youth performing arts company based in Cairns, Queensland. This performance will feature a blend of contemporary and traditional Torres Strait Islander dance styles, accompanied by an exceptional young lyricist/rapper by the name of Dub-K.

Selected performers of Baiwa Kazil, are currently preparing to showcase their talent in Los Angeles after being invited to attend the International Association of Blacks in Dance conference and festival in Janurary 2018.

1.40pm | Getano Bann

Award winning and celebrated singer songwriter Getano Bann performs his unique blend of musical styles ranging from Latin, Blues, Soul, and Funk to, Ballads, Reggae and Rock. A true storyteller, Getano draws on family moments, cultural perspectives, life lessons, and self-reflective moments for songs that move you to laugh, long for, and cry.

With over 35 years in the industry, Getano’s passionately charged performances are famous for their poignant, provocative and often humorous moments. Charming, captivating, and at times uncontained, he reminds us just how powerful stories can be.

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